Campaign Management Don’t take the often-chaotic and muddled path to public office without experienced and knowledgeable leadership. Successful candidates for public office are those able to fully utilize their time communicating with voters, not those who are trying to manage their own campaigns. With over 25 years of campaign experience, Van Parish and The Parish Group have the experience to lead clients through an electoral campaign. By analyzing the candidates assets & liabilities, political environment and jurisdictional voter history, The Parish Group controls the chaos and develops a road map for the campaign to follow to victory.

Unlike many other consulting firms, The Parish Group is more than just an advisor on the other end of the phone. Day-to-day, on-the-ground management is the firm’s hallmark. We pride ourselves on this aspect of our services. We recognize the complexities and obstacles candidates face in mounting a campaign. We are there to ensure that your campaign stays on the road to victory.

Federal Representation

Representation in Washington has become a necessity for numerous organizations and entities that are subject to the ever-changing policy debate in Congress. The current economic conditions have created an environment that requires that non-profit and non-governmental entities utilize all avenues to identify funding streams available to them. Private organizations also must maintain an open channel of communication to key policymakers in Washington.

The Parish Group is a full-service public affairs consulting firm. Based in Washington D.C., the firm has established relationships throughout Capitol Hill and the Executive Branch. With extensive knowledge of the legislative process, The Parish Group is well positioned to represent its clients. As registered lobbyists, The Parish Group is prepared to represent its clients in our nations capitol.

The Parish Group will serve as an advocate for your interest before Congress, federal departments, regulatory agencies and the executive branch. Through existing relationships and the development of new ones, The Parish Group will provide you with a direct link to key decision makers in Washington.

By working on behalf of our clients, we can provide a number of benefits to existing operations. Primary among these is the ability to track key federal legislative and administrative initiatives that affect your interests. The Parish Group will stay on top of the current status of pertinent legislation by routinely searching the Federal Register and maintaining communications with key contacts on Capitol Hill. Our presence in Washington also facilitates our ability to attend briefings prepared by leading policymakers and institutes. We will work in conjunction with your staff to pursue grant opportunities available from both legislative and administrative sources.

A Washington D.C. based representative will give your organization access to key federal policy makers. Presence in the federal arena will give your organization access and a voice in Washington. The Parish Group currently has access to a number of strategically prominent individuals from the White House Office of Intergovernmental Affairs to the Minority Leader’s Office in Congress. With its California roots, The Parish Group has access to the country’s largest Congressional delegation. Many of these members currently serve in positions of leadership on key committees that determine the direction of policy.

Importantly, we recognize our role as an extension of your organization, whether it is in the private or public sector. We are sensitive to the fact you may operate under close public and media scrutiny. Understanding this, we operate under the highest of all ethical standards in our interactions with federal and congressional officials.

Briefings and Presentations
Understanding the inner workings of government is essential for entities seeking assistance from government agencies. Whether it is meeting with elected officials or appearing before decision-making bodies, The Parish Group can provide you with the requisite research you will need to be well prepared for your meeting or presentation.

We will work with you to develop winning strategies to achieve your desired outcomes. In addition to background research, The Parish Group will help develop presentation materials that will have the greatest influence on your audience. Whether these are reports or multimedia productions, The Parish Group will provide you with the high-impact tools you need to succeed.

Policy Research & Analysis

Interpreting the impact of policy upon your organization can often be a bewildering and confusing process. As consultants, The Parish Group can help guide you through the administrative doubletalk and provide the answers you need to keep your organization moving forward. In addition to our written analysis, we will confer with experts in the field as well as administrators who were instrumental in developing the policy.

With the facts, we can interpret the consequences together.

Constituent Mobilization
When you need to quickly mobilize support for your position, The Parish Group can develop and execute an effort to move opinion. Utilizing electronic, telephonic and old-fashioned grassroots organizing methods, we can implement an effective strategy to meet your needs.

How can we help you succeed? Get started on your campaign and request a consultation today.

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